What is search intent?
To rank significantly higher in Google in 2019, search intent is usually an overlooked tool that is the way to go for SEO. This tool is the reason behind Google’s search query.

Why is this important?
SEO is one of (if not “the”) best way to go to obtain more traffic to you...

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Useful Infosec Tools

As we near closer to the impending arrival of the global accessibility to the internet, only the U.S. governments efforts towards obtaining the atomic bomb rival the amount time and effort invested in innovation and R&D (Research and Development) regarding cybersecurity.


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[How-to] Host a static website with Google Cloud – GCP

This step-by-step guide shows you how to set up a Cloud Storage bucket to host a static website. Static websites can include client-side codings such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They cannot contain dynamic code such as server-side scripts ...

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[How-to] Host a static website on a AWS S3 bucket

As you may already know, Amazon offers the best cloud services through an initiative called Amazon Web Services (or simply Amazon AWS). Among the available services are some that, when combined, allow the hosting of websites to be effortless and ...

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Army considers additional 2FA measures
Cybercrime is more prevalent than it has ever been. Every year, the dollar value of damages done by cybersecurity will continue to rise. One way to build up walls against potential cyber attacks is to protect yourself with two-factor identification, also kno...

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SEO insights from Google’s John Mueller

Google’s webmaster trends analyst John Mueller provided us with many remarkable answers to our SEO questions.

Make sure mobile versions aren’t oversimplified.
Make sure to keep relevant content and descriptive sections.

All HTML is r...

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Key Advantages of Creating an HTML Sitemap w/o a WP Plugin

i) It offers better security and lesser threats to website hacks/vulnerability. That’s primarily because the WP plugins are the significant source of website spams and hacks.

ii) The WP plugins are not correctly maintained and updated. ...

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Government of Canada issues cyber security guide for Small-Medium sized Businesses

Many small and mid-sized businesses are concerned about encountering cyber security breaches because they don't have the budget to hire infosec professionals to monitor their infrastructure. As a solution, the Can...

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How to Begin a Career in Cybersecurity

Cyber security is in hot demand right now, with data breaches more common than ever before. It is an evolution of information security since this project involves the protection of data, regardless if it’s sensitive data pertaining to people, projects or fi...

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SEO Services

  • Industry + Competitor Analysis

    Not only is it imperative to have a complete and thorough understanding of the target audience you want to reach, but it is also necessary to remain knowledgeable and aware of any competition you are facing in your market and niche. We conduct an industry and competitor analysis to inform our clients of potential setbacks and opposing online marketing campaigns that may hinder the success of any campaigns and updates we have in mind for a website. Learning about your potential competition is necessary to better implement keywords and phrases that are more relevant, interesting, and engaging with future content and updates, you share with your online audience.
  • Keyword Research

    Researching keywords and specific phrases help with pinpointing specific niche areas to target based on the products, content, or services you provide using your website and online presence. We spend time researching top and trending keywords while also honing in on specific products and individual services you intend to offer to optimize future blog and page titles for your website better.We steer clear from targeting generic keywords that are overly saturated or overused, especially if you are interested in reaching a wider audience with fewer restrictions. Instead, we turn our focus to specific keywords and phrases that are most likely to resonate with the target audience and demographics you have in mind for your business and brand. Once we know how you want your business and brand to be viewed and received, we can then craft an optimization strategy that is most suitable and fitting for the prospective customers and followers you want to appeal to most online.
  • Syndication + Promotion

    Syndication and promotion are extremely important elements involved in the optimization process of a website, especially with the advent of social media and mobile smartphones. Having the ability to share your blogs, updates, and content instantly with the use of social sharing buttons or plugins is a great way to optimize your website’s URL for top search engines. We specialize in syndication and promotional strategies to ensure our clients do not miss an opportunity to promote their latest blogs, newsletters, or website pages with current followers and prospective customers online with the use of social media and official blogging platforms.

Cyber Security

  • Intrusion Detection

    Just one data breach can cause an organization to lose millions. Powerful back door codes and trojans seek to steal confidential data by bypassing the authentication’s security wall. Software for intrusion detection must be more secure than the strength of the malware threatening an organization’s systems.
  • Log Management

    By keeping a log, businesses are able to track any security breaches. Being able to look at records and analyze patterns helps to understand all the incidents that transpired.
  • Malware Analysis and Removal

    Ransomware is a type of virus that hacks into your computer, holds your data hostage, and demands that you pay a large sum of money to have it returned to you.


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