Posted on Jun 23, 2019

Isaac Adams-Hands Consulting | SEO Freelancer

What is search intent?
To rank significantly higher in Google in 2019, search intent is usually an overlooked tool that is the way to go for SEO. This tool is the reason behind Google’s search query.

Why is this important?
SEO is one of (if not “the”) best way to go to obtain more traffic to your site.

When you rank high on Google, you’ll attract more visitors to your site.

Thus, with this tool, Google wants to give pages the highest rank possible for the specific search query’s intent and the search term. So, it’s imperative to ensure your page or post is going according to your audience’s intent.

The other reason why this tool is essential is due to Google’s goal in providing users with the most important result for them when it comes to their query. Google’s success relies on them, providing the most relevant result for users. Even Google’s mission speaks for itself, stating that their goal is to organize the information of the world and produce it for universal usefulness and accessibility.

Four kinds of searching intent
The following include these types:

Informational intent
Many times, users look for a wide range of information when searching online. The information could be about educating children, the weather, SEO, business ownership, etc.

Transactional intent
Many times, people want to purchase items on the Internet. So, they use transactional intent, which is to browse the web to search for the best purchase.
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