Posted on Jun 9, 2019

Isaac Adams-Hands Consulting | SEO Freelancer

[How-to] Host a static website on a AWS S3 bucket

As you may already know, Amazon offers the best cloud services through an initiative called Amazon Web Services (or simply Amazon AWS). Among the available services are some that, when combined, allow the hosting of websites to be effortless and with a relatively low (and scalable) cost. One such service is called Simple Storage Service (S3), a service that stores files in the cloud.

S3 is a low-cost service that offers excellent storage capacity. The advantages of using Amazon S3, besides the cost, is of having Amazon’s infrastructure in your project. Among the several possibilities in the way of using the services, we can mention the possibility of hosting a static website with an AWS S3 bucket. What is a static website? In short, it’s a website made up of only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Static webpages are those pages that do not rely on backend languages and a database, which means that server-side scripts are not supported, so if you want to host a Rails or PHP application, you need to look elsewhere.
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